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Four Reasons to #BookDirect on Your Next Vacation

Today is an important day in the vacation rental industry. It is the second annual #BookDirect Day! At Sunset Properties, we like to take advantage of this day by educating our guests on the benefits that come along with booking direct. We’ve put together a list of the top four reasons we encourag... View the full post »

Newest Nicholas Sparks Novel is Now Available!

Newest Nicholas Sparks Novel, Every Breath, is Now Available! The wait is officially over Nicholas Sparks’ newest novel, Every Breath is now available for purchase! Sparks announced in the spring that his latest book will be a love story about two characters who meet by ... View the full post »

Nicholas Sparks Book to be Based in Sunset Beach!

Nicholas Sparks fans, this one’s for you! The setting of Nicholas Sparks’ newest novel, Every Breath, will be based on our very own Sunset Beach. The love story is centered around two characters who happen to meet one enchanting weekend in Sunset Beach. The book is now available for pre-ord... View the full post »

The A-Mazing Maze Man Returns to Sunset Beach

The A-Mazing Maze Man Returns to Sunset Beach The ‘A-Mazing Maze Man’ has made his return to Sunset Beach to create new mazes for beach-goers to enjoy. The A-Mazing Maze Man, Hunter Gibbes, visits Sunset Beach every year and has become known by both locals and visitors for his elaborate sand ma... View the full post »

5 Tips for Making the Most of your Vacation Rental Experience!

5 Tips for Making the Most of your Vacation Rental Experience! So we may not be a hotel, but we still have what you need for a great vacation! Our policies and daily functions are similar, but at the same time much different. Based off an article from the New York Times, here are some import... View the full post »

Science Shows That Going to the Beach Is Good for Your Health

Whether we are basking in the sun or splashing in the ocean, everyone enjoys going to the beach. As if we needed reasons to love it any more, science now suggests that the beach is actually good for your brain and overall health. Being at the beach allows us to feel happier, relaxed and re-energized... View the full post »

Ocean Isle Beach Voted the South’s Best Tiny Town

Over the years, Ocean Isle Beach has become one of the South’s premier vacation destinations for thousands of families. The seven-mile island offers its visitors a relaxing getaway from the worries of everyday life. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Southern Living has officially named Oce... View the full post »

Join us to watch the 2017 Solar Eclipse from Sunset Beach or Ocean Isle

A Total Solar Eclipse is expected on August 21st, 2017 and while our area isn't in the direct path, we are close enough that we will get quite a show! Join us on Sunset Beach or Ocean Isle to view the eclipse from the beach! From our area, we should see a very generous partial covering of the su... View the full post »

Celebrate the 4th of July at Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle!

Looking for 4th of July activities at Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle for 2017? We have all the information you need!   July 3rd   Ocean Isle Beach Fireworks - Monday, July 03, 2016 (approximately 9pm)  Join us Monday, July 3rd at 9pm as we celebrate ... View the full post »

Sunset Beach Named One of 21 Best Beaches in the World!

National Geographic recently named Sunset Beach as one of 21 best beaches in the world! Of course, most of us already knew that, didn't we?    In addition to the Kindred Spirit mailbox, you'll find a pristine beach strand that allows views of the sunrise and sunset over the ... View the full post »

Activities for a rainy day at Sunset Beach

At some point, it's bound to happen. You are enjoying the beach vacation you've waited for all year long and it begins to rain. Don't be sad, there are plenty of nearby activities to provide you with entertainment!   The Museum of Coastal Carolina - The Museum of Coastal Caro... View the full post »

Where do we go for dinner (or breakfast or lunch) at Sunset Beach?

"Where are we going to eat?" It's a question we have all asked a time or two while on vacation. We gathered a list of some of our staff's favorite places and even their picks! So next time you are asked "Where are we going to eat?" you'll have an answer!      ... View the full post »

Not So Ordinary Packing List

As you begin to count down the days until your beach vacation, you probably make a list of the items you need to pack, a bathing suit, flip flops, sunscreen, a beach towel, etc. Here is a list of some items you may not think to pack, but you’ll be glad you did. A photo mat for a picture fra... View the full post »

Area Airports Near Sunset Beach

For those not very familiar with the southern Brunswick Islands, one may not realize there are three airports within an hour's drive of both Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle Beach. Myrtle Beach International Airport is conveniently located within a 50 minute drive of Sunset Beach and Ocean I... View the full post »

Celebrating the Vesta at Sunset Beach

One of the little-known facts surrounding the island of Sunset Beach is that a former boat that ran ashore during the Civil War is now buried under the pier.  This Saturday actually represents the 150th anniversary of the Vesta running aground at what was then called Bald Beach. The... View the full post »