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Find the vacation rental with the perfect location for you and your family in Sunset Beach, NC. From right on the beach to views of the marsh or close to fishing, you can have the best experience for your needs. Search for the accommodation that best suits your needs and desires to give you the ultimate vacation. With no high-rises to obstruct your view, you can enjoy getting lost in this seaside town. Learn more about the beautiful locations within Sunset Beach, then browse our vacation rentals to find your next stay.

Oceanfront Rentals

These homes and duplexes put you directly on one of the most desirable locations in town. Enjoy unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean and then have easy access to the beach from your vacation rental to enjoy a beautiful day in the sand or an evening stroll. If you’re planning to spend most of your time soaking up the sun, an oceanfront vacation rental is your best bet!

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Search by Row

Sunset Beach is setup with homes in rows expanding from the ocean all the way to the marsh on the north side. Whether you want to be close to the beach or want views of the marsh, you can choose the right home at the right price point for you and your family. Browse from the 2nd row close to the ocean to the 10th row with views of the marsh.

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Bayfront Rentals

Among some of the most popular rentals, Bayfront homes give you stunning waterfront views and easy access directly to the water. Most homes feature a floating dock where you can park your small boat or enjoy some private fishing. The bay connects directly to the ocean, so these homes are perfect for those with an avid fisher in the family.

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Canal Rentals

Similar to Bayfront rentals, homes on the Canal are also directly connected to the water and feature floating docks as well. Whether you’re bringing your small boat with you or you just enjoy sitting on the dock, Canal vacation rentals are a great option for those who love the water and want to be close at all time without breaking the bank.

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East End Rentals

Located on the far side of the pier, homes on the East End allow you to escape from the hustle-and-bustle of Sunset Boulevard. With more expansive beaches and a vast network of waterways, the East End offers you plenty of space to stretch out and enjoy the peace and quiet of Sunset Beach.

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Inlet Subdivision

On the far northwest side of Sunset Beach, the Inlet Subdivision allows you to feel like you are miles away from any distractions. Sitting directly on the expansive network of the inlets and marshland, the Inlet Subdivision offers amazing views of the local habitat and wildlife that comes with it. This area is perfect for those wanting to enjoy the serene nature of the North Carolina coast.

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Madd Inlet

Where the marsh and ocean meet is Madd Inlet, giving you the best of both worlds. Located in the westernmost portion of Sunset Beach, Madd Inlet offers stunning views of the marsh from your back door and ocean views from your front door. You’re never too far from anything in this part of town.

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Marsh/North Shore

In northern Sunset Beach are homes lined along the vast marshes that separate the town from the rest of the world. You’ll get lost in the beauty of the marsh grass while sipping your morning coffee on the porch. Enjoy what makes Sunset Beach so unique but still enjoy easy access to other activities in town when you stay on the North Shore.

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West Side Rentals

Vacation rentals on the West Side are perfect for those who want to do a little bit of everything. Relax on the beach during the day then go for an evening stroll along the inlets after your dinner on Sunset Boulevard. You’ll have access to pretty much everything in Sunset Beach when you stay on the West Side. You can choose from a wide selection of views and locations, but rest assured there is no wrong choice.  

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Choose from a vacation rental next to the ocean or by the marsh. Pick from a rooftop deck or a private dock. Bring a group of people and stay in a large home or keep it intimate in one of our duplexes. No matter how you like to spend your vacations, Sunset Properties has the perfect vacation rental for your next getaway. Can’t decide where you want to stay? Try searching by amenity. Start your planning and book your next vacation rental today!

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