Sunset Beach Marine and Wildlife Guide

Explore the rich ecosystems of coastal North Carolina

Explore the serene beauty of Sunset Beach, a pristine stretch of shoreline nestled in the southernmost corner of North Carolina's coast. As you venture onto our beaches, waters, and natural areas, you're stepping into a vibrant ecosystem teeming with life. Each creature, from the humblest bird to the most majestic marine mammals, plays an integral role in our rich biodiversity. Are you a nature lover, an adventurous marine explorer, or a wildlife photographer seeking that perfect shot? Sunset Beach offers a unique and memorable exploration of North Carolina's coastal life.

Land Wildlife: The Watchful and Swift

Deer & Foxes - The white-tailed deer, with their characteristic alertness, are a common sight. Playful foxes, both red and gray, can often be seen frolicking at dawn or dusk.

Bobcats - Sightings of bobcats, although less frequent, are always thrilling. These elusive felines are a testament to the area's robust natural habitat.

Raccoons, Opossums & Squirrels - Smaller mammals like raccoons, opossums, and squirrels scurry about, each adding a dash of excitement to your wildlife exploration.

Feathered Friends: From Sky to Sea

Cardinals & Blue Jays - Bright cardinals and boisterous blue jays can be seen (and heard) in the trees, while woodpeckers are often spotted tap-tapping away.

Seabirds - Down at the beach, you'll encounter a variety of seabirds. Watch sandpipers scuttle along the shore and gulls and terns soaring overhead. You might even spot an osprey on the hunt! In the marshland, keep your eyes peeled for egrets or blue herons. 

Marine Life: The Deep and The Shallow

Game Fish - For anglers, our waters offer both challenge and reward with species like king mackerel, Spanish mackerel, and the southern flounder.

Sharks - Adventurers will be intrigued by the presence of various shark species, including the tiger, hammerhead, bull, and blacktip.

Sea Turtles & Dolphins - Our beach is a significant nesting ground for loggerhead sea turtles. The sight of playful Bottlenose dolphins will also fill any nature lover's heart with joy.

Crustaceans & Mollusks - Investigate the beach's edge and estuaries to find an assortment of blue crabs, stone crabs, shrimp, oysters, whelks, and clams. 

Know Before You Go

Protecting Our Wildlife

We're proud of Sunset Beach's thriving ecosystem and we're committed to its preservation. We encourage our visitors to admire the wildlife, but always from a respectful distance. Remember, no feeding, no littering, and no disrupting, especially during the sensitive nesting season of sea turtles.

Your Adventure Awaits

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