Meet The Staff of Sunset Properties

We welcome you to the beach!

Eddie Walters

Eddie Walters - Managing Partner & Sales Broker

Eddie Walters owned a local brokerage and property management firm for 30 years prior to becoming the managing partner at Sunset Properties. Since January 2014, Eddie has enjoyed the new challenges of vacation rental management and the opportunity of meeting so many of our homeowners and longtime guests.

  • First Job: Busboy at Twin Lakes Seafood when he was 13
  • Favorite Movie: The Matrix
  • Desired Superpower: The ability to fly; more like a bird than Superman
  • Favorite Food: Shrimp prepared any way possible
  • Favorite Song: "Morning Yearning" - Ben Harper
  • Sunset Properties Start Date: January 2014

Carol Walters

Carol Walters - Accounting

  • First Job: Hostess at Haley's Restaurant in Calabash
  • Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music
  • Random Fun Fact About Carol: Once had a conversation with Faye Dunaway. Really less of a conversation than Faye saying "excuse me" as she cut in line in front of Carol at a bookshop. But that counts, right?
  • Desired Superpower: Time Travel
  • Favorite Food: Fried Okra
  • Favorite Song: "Midnight in Harlem" - Tedeschi Trucks Band
  • Sunset Properties Start Date: August, 2014

Ashley Chambley

Ashley Chambley - Reservations Manager

  • First Job: To-go window at Sharky's on OIB
  • Favorite Movie: Across the Universe
  • Random Fun Fact About Ashley: Ashley lived in Japan for 7 years.
  • Desired Superpower: Teleportation
  • Favorite Food: French fries
  • Favorite Song: "Swing Life Away" - Rise Against
  • Sunset Properties Start Date: August, 2009

Pam Ducommun

Pam Ducommun- Housekeeping Manager

  • First Job: Shoprite - Grocery Store
  • Favorite TV Show: Grey's Anatomy
  • Random Fun Fact About Pam: Pam played soccer growing up.
  • Desired Superpower: Mind Control
  • Favorite Food: Pizza
  • Favorite Song: "One Hell of an Amen" - Brantley Gilbert
  • Sunset Properties Start Date: September, 2012

Renee Meir

Renee Meir - Maintenance Coordinator & Housekeeping

  • First Job: Dairy Queen
  • Favorite Movie: Sleepless in Seattle
  • Random Fun Fact About Renee: Renee is a certified scuba diver.
  • Desired Superpower: Mind Reader
  • Favorite Food: Seafood of any kind
  • Favorite Song: "Humble & Kind" - Tim McGraw
  • Sunset Properties Start Date:January, 2019

Elaine Nelson

Elaine Nelson-Annual Rentals-Reservations

  • First Job: Cashier at Pic N Save in Atlantic Beach, FL
  • Favorite Movie: The Notebook
  • Random Fun Fact About Elaine: Elaine loves to cook and thinks it's a great way to show love.
  • Desired Superpower: Healing
  • Favorite Food: Any seafood, except shark
  • Favorite Song: She loves most all genres, but currently it's "Hello" by Adele
  • Sunset Properties Start Date: December, 2015

Peggy McGuinness

Peggy McGuinness - Annual Rentals & Vacation Rentals

  • First Job: Bradlees Department Store
  • Favorite Movie: Gone with the Wind
  • Random Fun Fact About Peggy: Peggy was the first female supervisor in her UPS district in 1976.
  • Desired Superpower: Flying, so she could visit her grand-babies and family more often!
  • Favorite Food: Ice cream
  • Favorite Song: For a child of the '60s and '70s, Peggy feels this is an impossible question.
  • Sunset Properties Start Date: January 2014

Tom Seletyn

Tom Seletyn - Maintenance

  • First Job: Warehouse worker for a catalog store
  • Favorite Movie: Tombstone
  • Random Fun Fact About Tom: Tom relocated here from West Virginia.
  • Desired Superpower: Teleportation
  • Favorite Food: BBQ
  • Favorite Song: There's way too many to choose just one
  • Sunset Properties Start Date: April 2018

Sev Servertson

Sev Severtson - Maintenance

  • First Job: Newspaper carrier
  • Favorite Movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • Random Fun Fact About Sev: Sev loves aquariums!
  • Desired Superpower: To read people's minds
  • Favorite Food: Indian food
  • Favorite Song: "Don't Worry Be Happy" - Bobby McFerrin
  • Sunset Properties Start Date: August, 2017

Randy Walters

Randy Walters- Vacation Rental Manager

  • First Job: Cleaning a community swimming pool
  • Favorite Movie: War Room
  • Random Fun Fact About Randy: In his early teens, Randy helped his Dad shrimp the Intra Coastal Water Way behind Sunset Beach. It was not unusual for them to catch 200-300lbs of shrimp from dawn to noon!
  • Desired Superpower: Abilities of Superman
  • Favorite Food: Any kind of pasta or pizza
  • Favorite Song: "In Christ Alone"
  • Sunset Properties Start Date: August, 2015

Al Ward

Al Ward-Vacation Rental Manager

  • First Job: Farming Tobacco
  • Favorite Movie: Any John Wayne movie
  • Random Fun Fact About Al: Al is a huge UNC Tarheels fan
  • Desired Superpower: Flying
  • Favorite Food: Shrimp
  • Sunset Properties Start Date: January, 2013