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Construction begins on new Sunset Beach Bridge

English Construction Company started work on building the new bridge to the island of Sunset Beach in late February. The project is currently scheduled to be completed by the end of 2010. The two lane bridge will peak at 65' in height over the Intracoastal Waterway for boater access, and... View the full post »

Fun for the kids in the family

Our staff hears a common question from those that haven't visited: what's there to do for their kids when they come to Sunset Beach? Well, once they hit the beach strand, most of the concern behind that question will quickly disappear. We've got three kids, and getting them out of the w... View the full post »

Sunset Beach Area Restaurants

One sure sign for us that spring is right around the corner is to see the area restaurants start to reopen for the season. And that has been happening for the last week as they get ready for the early Easter holiday. Some of the restaurants close after the winter holidays for a month or two each ye... View the full post »

Winter Guests

We get asked from time to time whether there's anyone on the island during the winter. There are full-time residents on the island (though not many), and the rush of visitors usually doesn't start back until around Easter each year. For those of us that have moved full-time to the area, ... View the full post »