Sunset Beach Town Projects Making Progress

The Town of Sunset Beach has several infrastructure projects being developed this spring that every visitor should enjoy once completed.

Our Streetscape project to beautify the entrance to the island is all but complete-annual flowers will be planted in about a month to finish that project off.  The town worked with the N.C. D.O.T. to extend parking on the east side of the road, and has added a bike path on both sides of the road from Main Street all the way to the bridge. 

The beach gazebo is almost completed by the town staff.  They rebuilt a wider walkway toward the end of last summer, and have been working on this project over the winter between dealing with other projects and the cleanup from a couple of unusual ice storms.  Once complete, all of the sitting area at the gazebo will be covered.

The first phase of the town park is being constructed now.  Located on the mainland between Bill's Seafood and Twin Lakes Restaurant on a 5.5 acre parcel, contractors are working on adding walking trails and parking at the site by early April.

The final project in motion is the construction of a new 150' traffic roundabout at the mainland base of the bridge (Bill's Seafood and the Bridge Grill are located at the intersection).  This project is intended to reduce traffic confusion and backups at the current four-way intersection.  The project is scheduled to be completed by late June.

We're excited about these projects, and hope you'll like them too when you are next down to the beach!

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