Water Sports Adventures in Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is the perfect beach vacation destination. With its three miles of sandy beaches and blue waters, it’s a great setting for relaxation and rejuvenation. Once you’re fully relaxed and looking to add some adventure to your trip, there’s a wide variety of water sports in Sunset Beach to choose from. 

Read along to learn about our favorite water sports adventures in Sunset Beach!


Want to get in a workout while on vacation? Kayaking is a great way to get in some movement and enjoy the scenery around you.

Summer Tide Tours is a local company that offers kayak tours of all kinds. You can embark on an adventure tour to Bird Island, Blane Creek, or Tubbs Inlet with them! They also schedule Twilight Tours, where you can enjoy the sunset over the marshes while avoiding the sizzling heat of midday. Whichever tour you choose to take, you’re sure to have a great time paddling around Sunset Beach.


Paddleboarding is another fun and exciting way to get out on the water. Imagine yourself paddling amongst calm ocean waters, canals or bays, taking in the scenic views of Sunset Beach around you.

If you're new to paddleboarding, don't worry! This water sport is easy to learn and accessible for all skill levels. You may want to consider heading out on the water in the early morning or closer to dusk, though, as the waves will be a bit calmer, and you won’t have to fight choppy waters. You can rent a board from nearby companies like Blue Planet Watersports and be on your way!

Jet Skiing

Add some adrenaline to your itinerary with a jet-skiing trip! Race your family members as you zip through the waters at breakneck speeds—or enjoy a peaceful ride cruising and enjoying the scenery. It’s your vacation, so it’s up to you!

Several companies in the communities near Sunset Beach provide rental jet skis. Remember that drivers must be at least 15 years old, and all passengers must be accompanied by someone 18 or older!

Boat Tours

What better way to explore the waters of Sunset Beach than to take a boat tour?! Whether you want to take a scenic sunset tour or learn more about the area’s ecology in nearby swamps, there’s plenty to explore in the waters of North Carolina.

Carolina Coastal Adventure Tours in Ocean Isle Beach offers morning, afternoon, and sunset boat tours. Their two-person boats are perfect for a date night or fun with friends! These tours are a great way to see the scenery around you while spending time with your loved one.

Swamp Boat Eco-Tour, in Ocean Isle Beach’s Swamp Park Outdoor Adventure Center, offers a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with nature.  Their swamp tour allows you to enjoy history and nature while exploring the ecological benefits of the natural river. Try something new this vacation!

How about adding some speed to your boat tour? Sea Racer Tours would love to help! On these tours, you’ll speed around the waters near Myrtle Beach. One of their most popular tours is the Dolphin Cruise, where you can watch dolphins in their natural habitat. If you don’t see dolphins in one area, they promise to move you on to the next one, FAST!


Parasailing is the perfect mixture of relaxation and excitement! When parasailing, you glide through the air on a parachute attached and towed behind a motorboat. Picture yourself soaring over North Carolina’s coast and taking in its stunning views.

Though you’ll have to drive a short way for a parasailing adventure, it’s worth the trip! Parasailing adventures are waiting for you just 30 minutes in North Myrtle Beach. Companies like Aloha Watersports and New Wave Watersports offer parasailing rides as well as banana boat rides.

You may be wondering what a banana boat ride is—it’s exactly what you’re thinking! A giant yellow boat shaped like a banana is pulled behind a boat for a fun, scenic ride. Sometimes, you’ll even ride the banana boat out to get on to your parasail!


Have you been dreaming about surfing some big waves? While some may not think of Sunset Beach as a surfing destination, several companies here could make that dream come true.

Carolina School of Surf offers private and group lessons for all levels! They have youth and adult classes so that you can join in the fun regardless of your age. OIB Surf and Java in Ocean Isle Beach is another great option for surf rentals. They also have amazing coffee in their shop, so you can caffeinate before hitting the waves. Get ready to surf like a pro in Sunset Beach!

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