Out on the Water With the Hurricane Fleet

Sunset Properties held an employee outing on one of Hurricane Fleets fishing boats last week. We took an evening cruise out to the Sunset Beach bridge and jetties that separate our islands from the busier stretch of South Carolinas Grand Strand. I enjoyed the much needed time on the water and seeing a part of the community that I normally wouldnt see from the island. We all had the opportunity to see the bridge from the water and catch a memorable sunset off the jetties at Bird Island. The great hospitality of Hurricane Fleets captain and crew kept us relaxed and at ease on the water.

For over 25 years, the Hurricane Fleet has been the premier choice of fishing for guests. They offer group fishing trips, Tuna fishing, Shark fishing, and Dolphin sightseeing tours where you can also see how shrimpers make their living. The captain and crew are very knowledgeable about the waterways and do everything possible to ensure a great time. I highly recommend scheduling a morning or afternoon to go fishing, or cruising, with the Hurricane Fleet. Do check out their website for more helpful information.

Written By: Jake Foutz - Marketing Supervisor, Sunset Properties
Pictures By: Jake Foutz

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