Make a Wish to Come Back for Labor Day!

Im walking the beach tonight. Theres a cool breeze blowing from the west and flashes of heat lightning over the ocean. At ten oclock there is no one on the beach, except for me. I take a seat in the sand under a crystal clear sky with millions of stars and try my best to recall the summer. Many times I find it hard to concentrate and think out here with the soothing sounds of the ocean.

It was a great summer. Familiar faces and new guests came to the beach even in this tough economy. Its such a great feeling to see families out on the beach having a great time; knowing that this year has been a pretty stressful year. Now schools are in session and families have left town. With a blink of an eye, June has turned into September, and the beach has turned into somewhat of a ghost town. We do have guests that enjoy the quiet, peaceful feeling that the off-season months bring. I highly suggest giving it a try.

Labor Day weekend will bring a burst of energy back to the beach as families drive in for that one last breath of summer. A lot of our vacation homes do support a nightly stay, so bring your family down to the beach to celebrate Labor Day! With warm temperatures and 85 degree ocean water, this weekend is tough to pass up. Restaurants and attractions are still open. Check our website for a place to stay or give us a call in the coming days to see whats available.

Written By: Jake Foutz - Marketing Supervisor, Sunset Properties

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