Did You See That?

We had unusual visitors to the beach last week, as American explorer/author Bernie Harberts brought his wagon voyage to Sunset Beach. Un-announced to us locals, it was quite a surprise to see horses, let alone old-fashioned wagons, trot down Sunset Boulevard to the shore. He's on a horse and wagon trip from Canada to Mexico, of which he hopes to complete yet this year. During the "Lost Sea Expedition" his goal is to document marine fossils of the Western Interior Seaway, an inland sea that spanned the Great Plains long before you and I were living here.

A resident of Southern Pines, North Carolina, Bernie has also traveled 3500 miles by mule from Oriental, North Carolina to San Diego, California on a journey that took him one year to complete at a pace of 8 miles per day. This is only after he circumnavigated the globe alone in a sailing boat. His adventures are really interesting and you can find out more at http://www.riverearth.com/.

Written By: Jake Foutz - Marketing Supervisor, Sunset Properties

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