Day 6 for the Sunset Properties Scavenger Hunt

The Old Bridge Preservation Society was the answer to yesterday's question-they are hosting the first Strawberry Wine Fest on May 4th.  The organization has done a great job not only saving the old bridge used to reach the island of Sunset Beach until 2010, but creating fun family activities year-round for the community.  Visit their website when you get a chance.  Yesterday's winner was Brandy Stack, who will get a bonus gift from the OBPS in addition to our daily gift of a Sunset Properties-opoly game!

Hope you had a chance to check out the events calendar as part of yesterday's effort.  We'll be posting key area events there during each season so that you can use this tool to help plan family activities off the beach during your stay.

The 6th question: where in our area can you see the sky stars even on a cloudy day?  (Hint: click on the "About the Area" link on either the Sunset Beach or Ocean Isle Beach websites to see a list of activities in and around town).

And don't forget-if you haven't booked that summer beach vacation yet-use our Sunset Properties websites today to find the perfect home for your family!

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