Kayaking Between the Islands with Summertide Adventure Tours

Our family joined in a tidal creek kayak tour yesterday with Summertide Adventure Tours, and had a great time out on the water.

Cari and Rip Van Winkle own Summertide Adventure Tours, which is a Perks Club partner with Sunset Properties.  They host two typical tours-the one we went on, and one to Bird Island.  But they have other special tours scheduled, and can create a custom tour for your family or group as well.

We started out from a mainland ramp at Park Ave, and headed down the ICW to one of the winding tidal creeks between Sunset Beach and Ocean Isle Beach.  There were a total of 10 on our trip (including the guides).  Most had been kayaking before, but there were one or two that hadn't been out in a while.

It was terrific weather, and we enjoyed our trip through the marsh.  The kids enjoyed stopping at one of the sandbars along the way and seeing how far down they could sink their legs in it.  We had a chance to kayak close to lots of birds, went past Tubbs Inlet between the two islands, and then had fun playing the waves from passing boats in the ICW as we finished up.  The trip lasted about 2.5 hours-just the right length for our group.

Our Tour Guides

The group begins up the tidal creek

one of our tour partners

It sounds like summer tours are starting to fill in nicely for the couple-particularly toward the end of each week.  So if you want to add a fun activity to your vacation this year, visit the Summertide website and consider booking one of the tours earlier in the week.

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